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Works with Students in Grades: All Ages (K through 12 and Adults)
Educational Philosophies: I believe that every person is "beautifully and wonderfully made" and that as parents we are given the privilege and honor of nurturing each one of our children toward their God-given potential. I believe that with care and attention to detail we can find the educational "fit" that will draw out the best in each student.
Educational Interests:

I enjoy studying and implementing what I learn from areas such as teaching styles, thinking styles, individual brain pathways and how their function relates to learning styles; "out-of-the-box" learners and what makes them tick; neurodevelopment; trouble-shooting..."Why isn't this working for a student?" and "How can we fix it?".

Authors like Ruth Beechick, Diane Craft, Charlotte Mason, John Gatto, John Holt, Sylvia Funk, Linda Kane...

Subjects like History (including Biblical history), English, Writing (creative and formal), Visual Arts, Music, Textiles, Foods and Nutrition, Family Studies, World View, Natural Sciences.

Instructional Specialties: In both my roles as Teacher and Academic Vice-Principal, I enjoy working with...
  • Multi-age grouping, integrating subject areas, unique learners, reading and writing remediation, finding educational "fit", working with a range of home schooling philosophies, graduation programs, problem solving
  • History (Socials), English, Foods and Nutrition, Textiles, Visual Arts, Learning Difficulties
Areas I Do Not Cover: For any students that require additional help with their second language, I recommend that you get local or online assistance where you can interact by voice.  I supervise high school Math and Science but students taking these courses will receive specific support from a subject specialist.  For students that are comfortable with their subject areas and/or have skilled local help, I can supervise nearly all High School courses. Ask me for details.
Hours of Availability: During the school year I am available daily, Monday - Friday, when I am not working directly with students. I prefer e-mail but also use Skype, text or phone as needed.  On school days I aim to answer e-mails within 24 hours.  If you would like a specific appointment, please e-mail to set it up. During the summer I also answer e-mails but do it on a less regular basis.


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