Who We Are

Pathways Academy is a fully-accredited Christian school serving K-12 students in all regions of BC.  Our BC-certified teachers deliver courses at no cost to BC residents.

Pathways Academy excels in creating collaborated, personalized, one-of-a-kind learning experiences.  Whether students learn with ease or face the challenge of learning differences, Pathways can help with the journey.  We meet each student right where they are, identify their strengths and challenges then together map out possible routes to their goals.  Where assistance is needed, we do all we can to provide it.  Pathways’ flexible learning program, complemented by community opportunities, a variety of learning and assessment strategies, and forward-thinking educational research helps students realize their educational and personal potential.

Our school is made of people who believe that the core of a child's education is the child’s relationship with their parents. Our goal is to facilitate personalized learning for the whole family taking into account each child's unique skills and mental, physical and spiritual development. We are committed to working alongside our enrolled families to ensure that the educational goals of the parents and the requirements of the Ministry of Education are met.

We are a diverse group of people representing a wide range of Christian backgrounds and viewpoints but sharing a commitment to our Messiah, Jesus. Our similarities, diversities, and shared educational values are what make us a great team.  The school has no denominational affiliations.  Because we believe that parents are responsible for the spiritual training of their children, students at Pathways Academy are not required to take any religious or Bible courses.

Pathways Academy is operated by the Diversity by Design Society. The Society's office is near Prince George, BC while the board, members, teachers and staff live and work across the province. Please contact us for more information.

Further information about Pathways Academy: