Pathways Academy - an Independent Provincial Online Learning School (POLS-I)

Pathways Academy is a BC-certified, K-12 Independent Provincial Online Learning School (POLS-I).  Students who enroll in our online learning program are eligible to graduate with a Dogwood Diploma.

Overview of the Enrollment Process

How to become a part of the Pathways Academy community!  At each step along the way, help is ready and available at any level you may need.

  1. Download an application form below, or contact us to request an application form.
  2. Choose a teacher who is a learning and teaching match for your family.
  3. Your teacher will contact you to review your Family Educational Profile.
  4. With your teacher, become familiar with the electronic Student Learning Plans.
  5. With your teacher, customize a Student Learning Plan for each student in your family.
  6. Start your school year and maintain weekly contact with your teacher.

An enrollment coordinator is available to walk you through an introduction to our enrolled online program, by request.  Please contact

Enrollment Forms

Please do not submit applications for 2024-25 until February 1.

Enrollment Application


Forms will be accepted on or after February 1:

Is your family continuing at Pathways for another year?

Is your family or student NEW to Pathways?

Re-enrollment Form

(returning students)

PDF download*

Additional Student Application

(new students joining yourfamily group - a new Gr. K or a sibling who was not enrolled in 2023-24)

PDF download*

Enrollment Application

(up to 4 students)

PDF download*

Additional Student Application

(+ more students)

PDF download*

Accepted on or after Feb 1

Accepted on or after Feb 1

Will be processed on or after Mar 1, pending availability

* HINT: Install the free version of Adobe Reader DC to easily complete the above forms OR print the form and complete it by hand.

Enrolled Programs


When you apply to our enrolled program, you are asked to create a Family Profile that identifies the many ways your family likes to learn, the ways you prefer to show what your child knows, your and your child's areas of strength, and areas where support may be needed.  Your teacher will refer to your Family Profile and will use this information to collaborate with you in creating a personalized learning plan that addresses your child's learning goals within the parameters set by the Ministry of Education. The resulting learning plan is a living document (it can be changed or adapted as needed); it is your 'travel plan' for the year. Whether your child learns best individually or as a group, your child's learning plan enables your family to address Ministry learning goals in creative and personally engaging ways.

Once your child's learning plan is written, your teacher will interact with you weekly by e-mail, phone, Skype or other means, documenting your journey, sharing ideas, and supporting you wherever you have need. Three times per year your teacher will provide a “report card” documenting individual student achievement. Most families prefer family grouping (i.e. to interact with one teacher for all students K-9). Other arrangements can be made on an individual basis as needed.

All enrolled courses meet BC Ministry of Education requirements.



Students from another school of record may cross-enroll with Pathways for one or more courses.  The following tuition rates include access to course-related resources available from our Pathways Academy Library (PAL) with a $100 refundable deposit.  Family Resource Account (FRA) funding is not available.  Please contact Pathways Academy for more information.

Graduation Options

Students in Grades 10-12 have two graduation options:

  • BC Dogwood Diploma
  • BC Adult Dogwood

We also have options for students who do not wish to graduate but wish to attend community college or other post-secondary education or to pursue specific careers.  Students are encouraged to speak with an academic advisor.