Pathways Academy supports both Enrolled and Registered home learners.

Enrolled (DL Program):


Choosing this option will connect you with a BC Certified Teacher who works with you in a way that your family likes to learn.  Your teacher will collaborate with you to create a personalized learning plan to guide you.  Your teacher will interact with you weekly by email, phone, Skype, or home visits to document your journey, share ideas, and support you.  Three times a year, your teacher will review your child's progress in a collaborative manner.  All enrolled students are eligible to graduate with a Dogwood.  All enrolled courses meet B.C. Ministry of Education requirements and are available to B.C. residents at no cost. 

Registered (Homeschool):


Choosing this option means that you will be responsible for providing and supervising your child's educational program, including curriculum and learning materials. Pathways will provide the student access to a number of online subscriptions, if requested. 

If you would like to discuss ideas or options for enrolled, enrolled special needs, registered, or registered special needs students, we are happy to hear from you.  Please contact us.


Pathways students have the freedom to engage in learning using a variety of traditional and non-traditional activities.  Learning at home also allows flexibility in scheduling learning activities throughout the day and through the school year.

Teacher Fit

We understand that both families and teachers come in a wide variety of styles.  Incoming families complete an education profile and consult with a coordinator to help them choose a teacher that fits their style.  If a family finds their learning style is not a fit with their teacher's style, families can switch to a different teacher when one is available. Pathways Teachers

Learning Support

Pathways supports a limited number of students through our Learning Support Program. Spaces are limited in order to maintain our high standard of support.  If you identify with any of the points listed here, please contact us to discuss ways we might be able to help you.

"Whether students learn with ease or face the challenge of learning differences, Pathways can help with the journey."  Tara Ferguson, Principal

"Tailored to Fit Your Family"

Pathways Academy excels in creating collaborated, personalized, one-of-a-kind learning experiences. 

Our teachers assist parents in selecting the resources and curriculum that support the goals and values of the family and match the learning style of the student and family.

Fully Accredited

Pathways Academy is a fully-accredited Christian school serving K-12 students in all regions of BC. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

New and returning families often have questions. Many of the most common ones are answered here.


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