Pathways Academy Brochure

Pathways Academy is a fully-accredited Christian school serving K-12 students in all regions of BC.  Our BC certified teachers deliver courses at no cost to BC residents. 

Pathways Academy excels in creating collaborated, personalized, one-of-a-kind learning experiences.  Whether students learn with ease or face the challenge of learning differences, Pathways can help with the journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

New and returning families often have questions. Many of the most common ones are answered here.




Pathways Academy supports both Registered and Enrolled home learners.

Registered homeschool families register with a school as homeschoolers and are free to educate their children at home as they wish. Depending on the school, registered homeschoolers may receive a little funding support for books and a few other limited services.

Enrolled home learners learn at home under the supervision of their parents.  They are enrolled with a school that is funded by the province to provide the student with textbooks, resources, and the guidance and support of a certified teacher in order to meet the learning goals required by the Ministry of Education.

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Enrollment Info

Welcome to Pathways Academy.  There are a few spaces available for students to enrol in our Distributed Learning (DL) program.  Please see our DL Programs for enrolment information and contact us if you have any further questions.

If you would like to discuss ideas and/or options for Enrolled, Enrolled Special Needs, Registered, and/or Registered Special Needs, we are happy to hear from you. Again, please contact via one of the options listed above.


Homeschool Registration

Information about registering as Registered Homeschoolers is available on the Homeschooling page.  Spots for registered students are still available.

Visit the Pathways Academy booth at BC CHEC