Learning Support

Pathways supports a limited number of students through our Learning Support Program. Spaces are limited in order to maintain our high standard of support.  If you identify with any of the points listed below, please contact us to discuss ways we might be able to help you..

The student...

  • may be struggling with specific concepts and need a boost in those areas
  • may learn in a less-common fashion and need help identifying their most efficient learning process
  • may need help identifying and putting into place adaptations that make learning optimal for them
  • prefers that learning needs are met within our school community
  • may be expending far more than average amounts of energy to accomplish tasks than the average student in their age-group would expend for the same task
  • may need help identifying their individual blocks to learning
  • may find evaluations necessary from outside the school community
  • may have an IEP in place or need to have one in place
  • may be category funded
  • may need someone to help them figure out what is needed and what services will support that need
  • may need someone to help them determine if Pathways can support their needs
  • may need services delivered according to individual need within their funding budget

Contact us with questions or to discuss your specific needs.