Registered Homeschooling

Many families choose traditional homeschooling as the best way to educate their children. We provide the option for BC families to register their children as Registered Homeschoolers at Pathways Academy.

There are no tuition fees when registering as homeschoolers with Pathways Academy.  The registered option does not provide you with the guidance of a teacher or funding for resources.  Registered students are not supervised by a teacher and are not required to follow BC curriculum. 

How to Register

  1. Download the form: Registration Form
  2. Submit the completed form and required documents listed on the form by September 15

Will my child graduate with a Dogwood Diploma?

If a student continues as a registered homeschooler for Gr. 10-12 and does not enroll and complete the required courses for graduation they are not eligible to receive a BC Dogwood Diploma. However, a student may register as a homeschooler for Gr. K-9 and then switch to enrolled for Gr. 10-12 and be eligible to graduate with a Dogwood Diploma.  As long as they are enrolled in, and successfully complete, the high school courses required for graduation, they will be eligible to graduate as usual.

If you have any questions about registering as homeschoolers contact our office.


Do you prefer more support & guidance?

If you would rather have the guidance of a BC certified teacher who will ensure your child's learning plan meets the requirements of the BC curriculum, please consider our enrolled program.  Enrolling in DL provides you with support and guidance and access to resources. 

For information on the differences between enrolling in DL and being registered as homeschoolers see Distributed Learning vs. Homeschooling.