BC Registered Homeschoolers

Many families choose traditional homeschooling as the best way to educate their children. We provide two options for BC families that register their homeschooled children at Pathways Academy by the September 30 deadline.

Note: Students enrolled in a Distributed Learning (DL) program are not classified as homeschoolers by the Ministry of Education.  For information on the differences between enrolling in DL and being registered as homeschoolers see Distributed Learning vs. Homeschooling.

If you are interested in having more teacher support and resources, consider enrolling in the Distributed Learning (DL) program.

Registration Process for Homeschoolers

  1. Download the Registered Homeschoolers form: Registration Form
  2. If you have any questions about registering contact the school office
  3. Submit the completed registration form and the required documents by September 25
  4. Learn together as a family without needing to meet any of the Ministry requirements

*All forms are available by request at: office@pathwaysacademy.ca