Staff Profile: Samantha Kidd

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Professional Profile

2021-22 School Year:

Not available

Works with Students in Grades:

I work with students in all grades, but not all subjects.

Educational Philosophies:

I am inspired by the work of Reggio Emilia and integration of the arts across the curriculum. Creativity inspires problem solving, questioning, reflecting and wondering about God’s world, which is essential to learning and personal growth. Students can ask such interesting questions and drive their own learning in a direction that is relevant to their interests. I want to be able to support the family and the students to help everyone achieve their goals and dreams. I am excited about multi-age, collaborative learning.

Educational Interests:

I love hands-on learning that brings curriculum to life. I strive to integrate the curriculum across all subject areas in a way that is practical, hands on and guided by the students interests and passions. I love creative writing and finding novels that can spark my students interests and expand their horizons. I believe visual arts are a great way to express learning from painting, to sculpture or animation.

Instructional Specialties:

I have experience teaching K-7 students and some older students in various arts based out of school programs. As a teacher I am comfortable teaching most subject areas but have a passion for English at all levels and of course, anything creative, arts-based, is my passion, including painting, sculpture, cooking and textiles.

Areas I Do Not Cover:

I am excited to work with students of all ages, but my strengths are not high school level math, sciences or French.

Hours of Availability:

Currently, I am available Monday to Friday by appointment. I can best be reached through email. I would love to meet with my families in person if possible, at least once or twice in the year.


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