Staff Profile: Amy Caesar

Professional Profile

Works with Students in Grades:

K-9, 10-12 limited, supporting learners with exceptionalities.

Educational Philosophy:

I believe a desire to learn is inherent in everyone. The learning environment and experiences are our greatest educators and can be curated and cultivated to meet individual needs. I am always learning and communicate openly about new knowledge or perspectives that may be challenging or changing my teaching and learning praxis. To me, collaboration is the belief that the very best option is the one we find together.

Educational Interests:

Montessori, Classical Education, current and innovative STEM learning experiences, outdoor and environmental education, learning from experts.

Areas I Do Not Cover:

high school math and science

Communication Style Preference:

email or phone

Hours of Availability:

T.B.D. (likely 10-5pm Mon, Thurs, Fri)


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