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Professional Profile

Works with Students in Grades:

All Grades (K through 12)

Educational Philosophies:

I believe the family is generally the best place to educate children, and I realize that no one knows their children's needs better than parents. This is the basis from which I interact with families as we develop educational plans for their children.

Educational Interests:

I started my teaching career in a Grades 2 to 9 multi-grade Christian school and learned to appreciate many subjects. This also taught me the importance of finding ways to combine subjects, making learning interesting for the students and utilizing our limited time together more efficiently. As Tammy and I have homeschooled our daughters, one of which had learning problems, we came to see that children can be taught in unconventional ways and still succeed.

Instructional Specialties:

I teach all subjects from Grades K to 9, with the exception of a couple electives. For Grades 10 to 12 I feel the following subjects are my strengths: Science 10, Socials 10 ,11, & 12 level courses, Biology 11 & 12, Earth Science 11, Tech. Ed. classes, and Photography 10. I have also put together several high school classes that combine composition with a socials course.

Areas I do not cover:

Even though I am willing to monitor most high school classes, if you are looking for direct instruction and specialized teaching then the following classes are best taught by someone else: Precalculus 10, 11 & 12, Chemistry 11 & 12, and Physics 11 & 12.

Communication Style Preference:

I find email the most effective for sending assignments and weekly reports. The phone and Skype would also be used for some assignments when needed.

Hours of Availability:

Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 4:30pm
Friday 8:30am to 2:30pm


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