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Works with Students in Grades: High School (Grades 10-12)
Educational Philosophies: I believe that learning can be fun and real even when working within the bounds of government-determined learning standards. I am of the opinion that all students can succeed in a learning environment so long as it takes into account their unique needs and skills and provides a safe, structured place in which to learn.

I am comfortable working with a variety of learning styles and discovering ways to cater a certain curriculum to the needs of a student.  I encourage a cross-curricular approach to learning in which subjects are overlapped, where applicable.  It is a joy to support high school students (and their parents) as they navigate this higher level of learning and expectations.  I strive to ensure all students succeed while developing the skills and abilities needed for their future.
Educational Interests: I am a teacher, which means I love to learn and I love to share what I know and inspire that same enthusiasm for a topic in others. My interests are varied, which basically means I find it hard not be interested in everything. My hobbies of choice, at this point in my life are: gardening, cooking, knitting, fiber arts, reading and exploring the natural world. I live in Duncan BC, with my husband Chris and three children, Eveline, Frederick, and Helen. In university I majored in Mathematics with a strong emphasis in Science, History, Art and Geography. I find it a joy to be able to teach/mentor students in a variety of subjects and grades. It challenges my creativity and ignites my interests in subjects of all types.
Instructional Specialties: All high school subjects with the exception of Tech Ed.
Literature-based learning
Developing individualized, cross-curricular programs for students
Communication Style Preference: Detailed communication from the student and parent regarding the learning activities a student is engaged in is crucial in making the teacher/family relationship meaningful and effective. This weekly communication can take a variety of different forms as suited to the needs and preferences of each individual family.  

I most often use a combination of the following methods: 
  • emails
  • Zoom/Skype/FaceTime video calls
  • Phone calls


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