Staff Profile: Kya MacBean

Professional Profile

Works with Students in Grades:

Grades: K-9, Humanities 10-12

Educational Philosophy:

A learning community, whether that is a family at home, a co-op of home learners, a traditional classroom, or any other group of people learning together, is much like the body of Christ: each member has his or her own gifts, perspectives, and ideas that, when working in unity with the rest of the group, is vitally important to the building of knowledge. I believe that learning is ingrained in us and we are meant to learn from each other and from the world around us; teachers and parents are meant to help guide that building of knowledge and foster the interests held by our students and children, giving them direction to use their talents and insights to serve others and themselves as they venture into adulthood.

Educational Interests:

Breaking our cultural fear of mathematics by building number sense and bringing in real-life math problems; project-based and place-based learning; and integration of the arts into learning. Most of all, I am interested in learning about what my students are interested in!

Instructional Specialties

I love teaching all subjects in elementary and middle school (except for actually teaching PE) but K-9 math and writing are my niche. Grade 10-12 Humanities would also be in my wheelhouse.

Areas I Do Not Cover:

High school science, tech, or math. My French is very rusty and my Spanish even more so; therefore, an alternative teacher with whom the student can converse in person would be best for second language lessons.

Communication Style Preference:

Email is best; video calls or phone calls can be arranged by appointment.

Hours of Availability:

I will be available for video or phone calls between 2 and 4pm, and I check emails daily.


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