Learner Records Policy

Processing of New Student Records


Records Officer notifies the teacher and administration team if any of these elements are present:

  • Medical Alert:  find out about the seriousness of any conditions and only note the serious ones on the PSR
  • Legal Alert
  • IEP
  • any marks in the last report card that are at or below a C- (grade 4 and up) or 2 (K-3)
  • Inclusions:
    • Support services information (e.g. psychometric testing, speech and hearing tests, adjudication requirements for completing assessment activities)
    • Serious discipline reports (e.g. copies of letters to parents/guardians regarding discipline matters and corrective actions taken);
    • Sensitive Student Information (Psychiatric reports; Family assessments;  Referrals to or reports from school arranged counselling services; or record of a school-initiated report of alleged sexual or physical abuse made to a child protection social worker under section 14 of the Child, Family and Community Service Act..  See below for protocol for sharing of this information electronically with teachers and administration.


PSR Yearly Update

1.  April:  Add FSA results for students in grade 4 and 7

2.  June:  Add final report cards to each file, update the PSR card.

  • If there are any marks that are 2 or below in the Elementary grades, make a special note of them in the Achievement and Attendance Record.

3.  June:  For all students that have IEPs:  print the IEP in its entirety and add it to the file

4.  June:  Remove any report cards that are out of date


Transfer of Student Records to Other Schools

1.  Receive request for records from another school.

2.  Check for IEP in the planner, and add it to the package leaving from the school.

3.  Check the outgoing files for all inclusions and elements required. (see Learner Records Policy)

4.  Pull records, and photocopy PSR for our own school records. 

5.  Photocopied files are kept in the file boxes in the SENT file.

6.  Date they were sent:  written on the photocopy files.

7.  If the request is from another source (not a school), then approval from the school privacy officer  must be sought before sending them.  This will ensure we are upholding standards set out by the Personal Information Privacy Act of 2004 (PIPA). 

Storage of learner records

Records are kept in a locked, fireproof cabinet at the house of:

Julie Byfield, Records Officer

22955 Chamberlain Road

V2K 5N7 Prince George

Access and Disclosure of Information

The Records officer has access to all Student Records. 

Teacher and Administration Access to the Student Records: 

1.  Teachers can come to the home of the Records Officer to access student records

2.  When it is not possible for a teacher to come to see the records, this protocol will be followed to share files electronically with the teacher and administration.

  • scan and zip student records before sending them out