Student Records Policy

Disclosure of Information

Records are handled in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

  • Consent of the individual (parent/guardian) is collected on the registration or enrollment form.
  • The purposes of collecting the information are described on the registration or enrollment form.
  • Pathways only collects, uses, or discloses personal information for the purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances and that fulfill the purposes disclosed by Pathways or are otherwise permitted under PIPA.



The Pathways Student File includes both transferable (permanent) and non-transferable (optional or additional) components. 


The Student Record is established and maintained for each student enrolled in the public education system.  The Student Record must contain:

  1. Permanent Student Record (PSR) – 2 parts
  2. Inclusions listed on Form 1704
    1. Medical Alert: parents complete a Medical Form; only serious conditions are listed & filed.
    2. Legal Alert or Court Order
    3. Other legal documents, eg. name change
    4. Support Services Information (eg. psychometric, speech/hearing testing, adjudication requirements for completing assessments)
    5. IEP
    6. Notification of registration as a Home Schooler
    7. Optional inclusions listed previously continue as permanent and transferable.
  3. Student Learning Plan (if applicable)

The Permanent Student Record (PSR) is a subset of the Student Record.  The PSR consists of two parts:

  1. Form 1704
  2. Two most recent report cards OR official copy of the transcript of grades


Additional Student Records Items
are only used by Pathways. 


  1. Legal name of child (birth certificate)
  2. Official name(s) of parents or guardian(s) with home and work contact information
  3. Parental/Guardian legal residency in BC documentation


  1. Care card number
  2. Emergency contact numbers
  3. Doctor’s name and contact information
  4. Allergies, medication or other health concerns (other than those triggering a Medical Alert)
  5. Student progress reports (other than the two most recent)
  6. Serious discipline matters and corrective actions
  7. Reports of important meetings/discussions relating to the student


  1. Any information which by its nature requires that school staff observe a high level of confidentiality and storage procedures. Examples:
    1. Psychiatric reports
    2. Family assessments
    3. Referrals to or reports from school-arranged counseling services
    4. Record of a school-initiated report of alleged sexual or physical child abuse made to a child protection social worker.


Records Creation & Updates

Pathways Academy creates a Student File, using a combination of physical and electronic formats as per Ministry requirements, for every student enrolled with Pathways. 

The Student File is updated on a yearly basis:

  • Final Report Cards are sent to the families and added to the student’s digital file at the end of the school year.
  • IEPs are added to the student’s digital file.
  • Outdated report cards, more than 2yrs old, are removed and destroyed at the end of the school year.
  • The Form 1704 is updated at the end of the school year and added to student’s digital file.


Storage of Physical Student Records

Physical components of Student Records are stored in a locked, fireproof cabinet in the home of the Records Officer:

Julie Byfield, Records Officer

22955 Chamberlain Road

Prince George, BC  V2K 5N7


Electronic components of Student Records are uploaded to the student’s electronic file on Contao and/or Own Cloud.  Contao and Own Cloud are secure, password-protected, online storage locations kept and maintained on school-owned servers.

Note: Electronic components of the Student File are printed when a physical copy is required.


Access to Student Records

Only authorized individuals may be given access to Student Records.

  • The Pathways Records Officer has direct access to all Student Records. 
  • Pathways teachers or administration may view student records at the home of the Records Office. 
  • Pathways teachers or administration, third-party specialists, or other parties authorized by regulation that are providing support services, health services or social services will be permitted to receive access to digitally protected files to help plan for services for a specific student or child.
  • Under PIPA, students, parents and employees have the right to access their own personal information held by independent schools.
    • Note: If the request is from another source (i.e. not a school), then approval from the school privacy officer must be granted and parents notified before releasing a copy of the records. 
  • When it is not possible for an authorized person to go to the home of the Records Officer, the following protocol will be followed for the purpose of sharing files electronically.
    • The applicable components of the Student File will be scanned and uploaded to OwnCloud. 
  • Records requests from other schools are processed according to our transfer procedures below.


Transfer of Student Records to Other Schools

  • When Pathways Academy receives a request for student records from another school, the Records Officer:
    1. Verifies that the Form 1704 has been updated and prints a ‘Master Copy’
    2. Photocopies all inclusions listed on the Form 1704
    3. Photocopies and/or prints the last two report cards
    4. Prints a copy of the IEP, if applicable
    5. Writes the ‘date sent’ on the above and files them in the Student File to be retained
    6. Enters the date sent, student name, and receiving school name in the Office Planner > Student Records
    7. Files a physical copy of the Student File in the SENT folder in the records cabinet
    8. Mails the transferable Student Records to the receiving school via courier/Canada Post
  • In rare cases, OwnCloud may be used to transfer records to other schools. In such cases, temporary access is provided using password protection unique to the receiving school.
  • A copy of the transferable components is stored for 1 year after having been sent to the receiving school.


Student Record Retention

The transferable components of the Student File are retained and securely stored by Pathways Academy for 55 years after a student has withdrawn (and those records have not been requested by another school) or if the student has graduated from Pathways.

The non-transferable components of the Student File are securely destroyed when a student withdraws or graduates from Pathways Academy.