Staff Profile: Myu Dawson

Professional Profile

Works with Students in Grades:


Educational Philosophy:

I believe that children do well when they can. Relationships are at the heart of education, and when we feel connected, we learn better. I trust that children are naturally curious and can’t help but learn. I don’t see myself as a “sage on the stage” with all the information, but rather as a field guide and mentor on this home learning journey, offering tools, resources, support, and encouragement as needed. Building community, even while learning online, can benefit us as home learners and educators. I host optional weekly Zoom groups (everything from Minecraft to Poetry) as well as Christmas concerts and year-end talent shows.  I embrace differences and believe that unity does not mean uniformity. My goal is to foster an online space where everyone can show up as themselves and find a place to belong.

Educational Interests:

In addition to being a teacher, I am also a trained social worker. I have studied inquiry-based learning (see: Trevor MacKenzie) and prioritizing creativity in our education (see: Sir Ken Robinson). I am currently reading about autism (see: Uniquely Human by Barry Prizant, PhD) and have trauma-training through Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute.

Areas I Do Not Cover:

Grade 10-12 second languages

Communication Style Preference:

Zoom, email, phone and text.

Hours of Availability:

Monday - Friday


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