Staff Profile: Teegan Dorsey

Professional Profile

Works with Students in Grades:


Educational Philosophy:

I believe learning is centered around the student and their family, and who better to educate students than their own care givers. As an online educator, I believe it is my role to help families provide engaging and relevant learning opportunities for students. I believe student centered and directed learning embraces exploration and discovery that empowers students to reach their learning goals. As a team, we can work together to provide students with the knowledge, tools and skills they need to achieve their academic and personal goals through purposeful learning experiences.

Educational Interests:

Reading and writing are my big passion areas! As a life long learner, I truly enjoy teaching most all subject areas and look forward to learning from my families and students as well. I love working with students in their passion areas, finding creative ways for students to learn through their daily lives and helping families hold onto to that sense of wonder through unique projects and experiences. I also have a post secondary background in sciences, English and psychology.

Instructional Specialties

Early literacy and numeracy, physical literacy, inquiry based learning and learning support. I enjoy working with students who have unique learning challenges, and I'm currently working on professional development around play and nature based learning.

Areas I Do Not Cover:

Second languages and high school calculus.

Communication Style Preference:

Email, phone and Skype. I also love to communicate with students and families via online learning portfolios.

Hours of Availability:

T.B.D. (most likely 8:30 to 2:30 weekdays)


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