Staff Profile: Tristan Bannister

Professional Profile

Works with Students in Grades:


Educational Philosophy:

I believe in two core truths about learning - the family is the child’s first teacher, and that the child learns best when those they love honour their need to learn and grow.

I love to support families exploring learner-led approaches (such as unschooling, Waldorf, and Montessori). I believe educating the whole child beyond just academics – incorporating art, music, nature, and social learning opportunities – allows them to reach their highest potential.

I am a trauma-informed, inclusive educator and believe in designing educational opportunities that meet learners where they are at and want to go, and not where they “should” be.

Educational Interests:

Oh goodness, I have too many to list! I taught Kindergarten for eight years, so I have a soft spot for early primary students and students of all ages that want to learn through play and exploration.

Instructional Specialties

My specialty is language learning – from language immersion to learning a fourth or fifth language, I love to support families in adding languages to their learning environment. I also specialize in early learning, Montessori pedagogy, and neurodiversity-affirming practice.

Areas I Do Not Cover:

While I am blessed to have a Secondary math and science teacher for a husband, I do not cover those areas of the curriculum myself. I am happy to refer you to teachers who can support your learning in those areas.

Communication Style Preference:

For quick communication, email is best. For longer conferencing, please arrange a video or phone call.

Hours of Availability:

Contact me any time via email, as that is the most reliable way to reach me. I am most available in the evenings for conversations, but have daytime "office hours" on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon for meetings.


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