Grade 10 Social Studies Options

Social Studies 10 Students can select from a wide variety of resources to explore Canada and the World from 1919 to the present. Students will inquire, assess, compare, explain and make judgements in response to the content they explore. Teachers will work with students to craft meaningful tasks in which to develop, reflect on and demonstrate their learning. Students may complete this course using a variety of resources including textbooks, historical fiction and non-fiction, videos, etc.. This course can also be completed concurrently alongside Composition 10 and/or Literary Studies 10. 4 Credit
Social Studies 10 Counterpoints Students will learn the history of Canada and the world from 1914- present using the textbook Counterpoints as the primary resource. 4 Credit
Social Studies 10 Timeline This course is integrated with Composition 10 Timeline. Students will study Canada and the World-1919 to Present using The Story of Us videos. Essays written in this class will be graded and recorded in the Composition 10 class. 4 Credit